Join us and develop a unique marketplace in the Passion Economy

Let's get to know each other

Hype Me is a group of digital enthusiasts connecting 2 worlds with each other: the tech-based startup industry with the world of well-known faces and personalities. If you want to help connect creators with a platform to engage with their audience, then this is the place for you.

Why HypeMe?

We form a well-coordinated team who share a passion for building digital products that connect people. We launched in December 2019 and since then, thousands of our videos have been delivered to thousands of customers. We’re proud to say we solved the problem of connecting people with their fans.

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    The startup approach

    We work in harmony with modern project management methods, leverage technology and automated solutions and a lead with a data-driven approach.
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    We’re early in our development phase, and joining us at this point means your career can see a rapid and dynamic progress in skill development with our added emphasis of great independence and trust.
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    VC Support

    Our company is supported by Venture Capital and Packhelp’s Co-Founders - working at Hype Me gives you access to a large number of the best specialists in the field.
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    "Fun Business"

    Our platform is a real solution to a creator's problems, and an opportunity for fans to get an unforgettable experience. It's all packed up in a 100% digital product.