Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. 1. What is Hype Me?

    Hype Me is a marketplace that allows you to order video recorded just for you by Celebrities, Athletes, Influencers, Journalists and TV Stars.

  2. 2. How can I order a video?

    It's easy! Just download the free application for iOS or Android. After downloading the application, you choose the Creator and place your order in just a few steps. The second way is to use the platform, which allows you to place an order without a smartphone.

  3. 3. How much does a video cost?

    Good question! The price depends on the Creator and the Hype Me recommendation. There is no fixed price list, but the Hype Me team makes prices as affordable as possible.

  4. 4. How can I use my discount code?

    You can use the discount code on the website (you cannot use the code on the mobile app).To use the discount code, select the creator from whom you want to order the film and place the order. When placing the order, before the payment, there is an area where you can enter or paste the discount code. After entering the code, click the 'Use' button. At this point, the code is used, and the price for the movie, depending on the type of code, should change according to the discount discount code has. It is a very simple process that does not differ from the typical use of the code in any other e-store.

  5. 5. What are the payment methods?

    The payment method depends on the platform on which you place the order. On the website (the so-called website version), we can pay via instant transfer or with the popular Blik. Payment is also available by adding a payment card (Visa or Mastercard). However, if we want to pay via a mobile application, we pay there with so-called In-App Purchasepayments - in other words, we pay with a card, that is connected to Google or Apple account. This is the standard and most popular method of payment via mobile applications, especially when dealing with a virtual product such as a video.

  6. 6. Can I update my order after placing it?

    To do that, please contact the Hype Me team at - we will do our best to change your order if the video hasn't already been made.

  7. 7. How long does it take to get a video from Hype Me?

    The Hype Me team is trying to get videos made within 7 days. Sometimes, you have to wait a little longer. It all depends on your Creator's other commitments. If you wait over a week, please contact us and well try speed the process up.

  8. 8. Does the recording I have ordered have to be public?

    Definitely not. Whether a film is public or non-public is decided by the client and the creator. When placing an order, both on the website and in the mobile application, the customer chooses whether the film is to be public or non-public. The selection of this feature is clearly visible when placing the order. If you happen to forget to fill in the video visibility information, write to us on the support chat available at www. hypemeapp. co or emailhello@hypemeapp. co - we will help you right away!

  9. 9. How can I contact the Hype Me team?

    Very easy! Write to us at - we will respond as soon as possible!

  10. 10. How can I save the video?

    On the website, it looks like this. Log in to the site. Then go to the 'My orders' tab. Then hover the cursor over the visible order (you can clearly see the reduced video) and click on the 'Download video' item. The video should start downloading to your device. If you use the mobile app: enter the application, log in and use the bottom menu to go to the 'My orders' tab. Select and click on the movie and then click on 'Save movie'.

  11. 11. How long has the video link been active?

    The link with the video is active as long as the user account is active. If you want the video to be removed from the platform, write to us at .

  12. 12. Can I share the video on social media?

    Hype Me videos are intended primarily for private use. However, the publication on your private profile, which does not have commercial signs, is totally fine!

  13. 13. What is the difference between ordering for private purposes and video for commercial purposes?

    A private order is an order for ourselves or a loved one that we buy in order to please someone or to ask the creator about something. A commercial order is an order whose purpose is to promote the company internally or externally, such as advertising.

  14. 14. What if I don't get the ordered video?

    Clearly it's important that you get the video that you ordered. However, if you don't end up getting the video you ordered and paid for, we will return the funds to your account straight away 🙂

  15. 15. How long does it take to get a refund for an order that was not fulfilled?

    We strive to process returns immediately. If you have completed your order via the website, you will receive your refund within a maximum of 3 days of changing your order status to rejected. If, on the other hand, you have made a purchase via the mobile application and wish to receive a refund - contact us via the chat room at or write to

  16. 16. How can I join Hype Me as a Creator?

    There is a 'Join as Creator' form on the website - complete the form and submit your application (it only takes a few seconds!). If you can't find this item, please email us at or chat with us at or on Instagram:

  17. 17. Is it possible to order from a creator who is not available on the website / in the app?

    We accept business orders and private orders from creators who are not available in the application in the electronic form to the address